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…the new small business support programme

Research shows that 4 out of 5 businesses fail within the first 5 years. Even worse… 57% of business start-ups fail in the first 12 months!

It has also been found time and time again that businesses that plan and seek professional advice from the outset have a significantly greater chance of being very successful.

SureStart is designed to help your business overcome the hurdles that trip up 80% of new businesses, and to help it become highly successful.

So how much will my investment in this service be?

As you will see, it’s worth as much as £5,950 plus VAT – but the good news is that your investment will only be from £200 plus VAT.

What’s more, since we appreciate that cash flow is all-important in the early years of a new business, we will invite you to make a small payment up front and the balance spread over the year as 12 monthly standing order payments – with no additional charge.

What is included in the
SureStart package?
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Advice from one of our Business Advisers worth £200
Basic Bookkeeping training worth £300
Computer, legal and financial advice worth £350
Business Builder Forum membership worth £480
BoardView – quarterly worth £600
BoardView – monthly worth £1,800
Raising finance worth £500
Computerised accounting system installation worth £770
Building an Even Better Business programme worth £1,680
Discounts on other services worth £500
The SureStart pack worth £770
Unlimited free ad hoc advice worth £1,680

Click here to see more detail about how the SureStart package breaks down.

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