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Our promises

  1. Dreams into reality – You want much more out of your business than a great set of books and an on-time tax-return, don’t you? You have dreams about what you would like to achieve – it could be fame, fortune, security, a long and comfortable retirement – or any one of a hundred other things. And, if you’re anything like our other clients, what you really want is to turn those dreams of success into reality.So that’s why we’ve used our skills with numbers, and the ideas of some of the world’s leading business thinkers and achievers, to develop a series of processes, systems and tools to help businesses like yours become much, much more successful. In other words, to help you achieve your dreams.It’s also why one of the first things we will ask you when we meet is “what sort of success do you dream about?”
  2. Measuring the numbers and helping you improve them – Our Performance Measurement and Improvement System (PMI) helps to improve the key numbers in business. We consider the 8 step approach as the ‘Sat Nav for business’ as it helps you identify where you current are, where you want to be and how to get there.We will work with you to help you identify your key numbers, help you measure them and then help you to improve them.Helping you create a successful and profitable business is the job of a really good accountant!
  3. Giving to those in need – You will receive a great feel good factor (that lovely warm fussy feeling) of knowing that by working with us you are ‘giving back’ by helping people all over the world have a slightly better life. For example for every new client we gain we give to a project through our giving partners Buy1 Give1 to help make life a little better for someone less fortunate.
  4. Free advice for your employees and family – Every single one of your employees and family members will be entitled to a free consultation, worth up to £100, to help them sort out their tax or accounting problems – guaranteed
  5. No nasty surprises – Your bills will never be a single penny more than you bargained for with one of our optional fixed fee packages – guaranteed
  6. Easy payment terms – Weekly, monthly or quarterly… by cash, cheque or standing order… how you pay is up to you – guaranteed
  7. No hassle – Changing over to us couldn’t be easier. Our FREE ChangeEasy service will help you to sort out all the paperwork quickly and easily – guaranteed
  8. Money saving advice – We’ll show you how other businesses like yours are saving and making money – guaranteed
  9. Money back guarantee – You’ll receive your accounts back within 30 days of us receiving all your records, or we’ll give you a discount of 25% on your fees – guaranteed!
  10. Never get caught short – Your free personalised TaxPlanner will make sure that you always set aside enough money to meet your eventual tax bills
  11. Tax-busting – Your free annual TaxAbility checklist and follow-up TaxAbility review will help you to cut your personal and business tax bills down to size
  12. Free support for your contacts – You can give any of your business contacts up to three hours of our time to address whatever business, tax and accounting issues are important to them – at no cost to them or you. Just imagine what that will do for your relationships with them. And just imagine what those strengthened relationships will do for your business and your profits.
  13. Plain English – To make it even easier for you to profit from our advice we have banned jargon and are committed to only using plain English – guaranteed
  14. Meeting support – As a part of our exclusive BoardView service, we’ll gladly come to any of your key business meetings as a free resource to help you make the very best use of your time. Use us in any way you want – from silent observer to adjudicator, technical adviser to independent sounding board, and even as the facilitator for brainstorming sessions. The choice is yours. And whatever role you ask us to play, it won’t cost you a single penny – guaranteed
  15. Building your business – Every year we will use a structured process called Business Builder to probe for and identify brand new ways to make your businesses more successful and profitable. And, although the Business Builder programme has been developed in conjunction with Steve Pipe, an internationally published business author and former UK Entrepreneur of the Year, it won’t cost you a single penny. It will be our gift – a small part of our commitment to your success.
  16. Giving your business the edge – Do you want to be extraordinarily successful? If you do, the Business Edge programme is for you. Developed in conjunction with Steve Pipe, an internationally published business author and former UK Entrepreneur of the Year, the Business Edge programme is designed to help entrepreneurs turn their business dreams into reality. Over a highly structured and super-intensive 1-2 days it will help you to create breakthrough strategies for supercharging your sales, your profits and your prospects.

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