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Blog Small businesses unprepared against digital attacks

Small businesses unprepared against digital attacks

16 June 2015

More than 4 in 10 small and micro businesses have experienced digital crime, according to a survey by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT).

The survey of 1,000 business owners with less than 49 employees reveals that 42% have suffered online security issues.

Important figures:

  • 23% have had business computers infected by viruses
  • 22% have had personal or sensitive information stolen
  • 12% have suffered from card fraud.

Despite the risks posed by cyber threats, many businesses are not adequately protecting themselves:

  • 31% don’t update their antivirus software
  • 34% don’t have firewall protection
  • 14% don’t have any cyber protection.

Mark Farrar, chief executive of the AAT, said:

“Keeping online information secure is vital. A security breach could put you out of action and cost you money, which can be fatal for smaller businesses that have very little time and money to spare.”

Are you insured against cyber threats?

Cyber insurance can help your business recover from a digital attack. Policies will generally cover loss of income or reputation caused by damage to computers and networks.

We can help you find the right insurance products for your business so please get in touch on 01206 512476.