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Why Pro Tax Accounting clients LOVE our App

13 February 2014

Back in September 2013 we launched our own iPhone and Android App. Since then it’s been downloaded free by clients and contacts across Essex.

The App has generated some fantastic feedback from users enjoying its many features for free. It’s also helped Pro Tax Accounting get recognition for being a…

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Planning for success in 2014?

10 February 2014

As we move into 2014, many businesses and their management teams are taking a step back, looking at the business, considering how the market will develop over the next 12 months and creating plans to grow the firm and take advantage of changes in the business environment.

A typical approach…

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Do you work from home?

5 February 2014

If so, here are some suggestions for you from Lee Taylor of Pro Tax Accounting.

When you run a business from home or simply use part of your home for work, your company or business can pay you a tax-free allowance to cover household expenses.

The taxman in his generosity says…

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